Croparadise Erasmus

Adress: Čulića Dvori 29
Skype: croparadise
We Speak: English, Croatian
Opening Hours: 08:00 -23:00 Monday - Friday
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Fancy staying at an amazing, award-winning accommodation? Don’t Look Any Further, stay at the CroParadise Erasmus Split Accommodation, winner of the of the Hostelworld HOSCAR (world’s most prestigious awards that celebrate the top hostels from around the world) for the most popular accommodation in Split.

All our accommodation units are located in the center of Split just next to the ancient Diocletian’s Palace and about 5 minutes’ walk distance from the bus station, train station & ferry port.

Our goal is to offer to students the best possible accommodation for the affordable prices.

All rooms are redecorated with new, modern furniture and accessories including LCD TV set’s (endless multimedia on demand for free & direct internet access on TV), individual reading light with additional A/C power socket for every dorm bed, iMac PC’s with broadband internet access and wireless internet for your personal gadgets.

Air conditioners are covering all rooms.

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Adress: Čulića Dvori 29
Skype: croparadise
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